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Rock Your Interview

You’ve worked hard to earn your RDH credentials. Now it's time to find a dental office that complements your professional skills and personal needs.  

What's in the guide?

This guide was designed to help you feel more confident and prepared. In it, you'll find:

  • Topics to consider when researching employers
  • A list of questions you could ask an interviewer
  • Things to think about when evaluating an offer

Why listen to Heartland Dental?

As the largest employer of dental hygienists in America, we've done a lot of interviews. Our recruiters, hiring managers, and hygiene mentors collaborated to build this guide based on our experience working with hygiene candidates nationwide.  

We know dentistry is best when highly trained and skilled hygienists are by the chair. Whether you're interviewing at a Heartland Dental supported practice or somewhere else, we want to see you shine. 

Good luck!

If you are interested in exploring careers with a Heartland Dental supported practice, learn more at heartland.com/dental-hygienists.

Download the Interview Guide