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Achieving Balance Without Sacrificing Growth for Your Dental Practice

You want more time to do the things you like with those that are most important to you.  We help you achieve that.


Dr. Qais Musmar clocks out at 5 o'clock and focuses on enjoying life, instead of working after hours.


"The biggest change has been for my family because I now actually have time for them. The most precious thing in life is time.  Unfortunately, as a sole practitioner, we spend all that time running the business."

Dr. Qais Musmar

Alexandria, VA

Supported Since 2007

Join the 1,800+ Supported Doctors Who Found a Customized Solution with Heartland Dental


After spending 40-50 hours chairside and another 20-30 hours on the non-clinical side of things, Dr. Rick Workman knew there had to be a better way for himself and other dentists. In other words, Heartland Dental was created by a dentist for dentists to help them achieve the optimal work-life balance. Is it really possible to manage your career while feeling satisfied with your personal life? The answer is, yes. At Heartland Dental, our goal is to help you get back to enjoying dentistry and life. With our unprecedented non-clinical support and proven business systems, you’ll have more time to focus on patient care and the freedom to pursue your interests outside of dentistry. 

Heartland Dental was created by a dentist for dentists, formed to give them the tools, resources and support they need to obtain an optimal work-life balance and focus on their true passion.

Every dentist and dental practice are unique; that's why we tailor our affiliation process to you and your needs.

Did you know 94% of surveyed affiliated doctors would recommend affiliating with Heartland Dental?

While you spearhead this process, our team of experts will support and guide you, helping you reach your short and long-term goals. How can we support you?